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‘In UK families, ~4 million children struggle to eat healthy food to meet government’s nutritional guidelines’ (Independent, Jan, 2019)

We started in March 2020 as a result of the COVID19 virus. We have already assisted thousands of vulnerable children, families and elderly. The loving words of gratitude received have been the wheels to drive us forward to do more. The below is a small selection of the centres and charities we have helped so far:

  • Action for Children, Northamptonshire 

"We know that any small donations to our families mean the world and here are some of the reactions already:

Family support worker ‘one of my families went screaming into the flat to the kids saying we have crisps!’

Service User ‘we are in high shock, god bless you all because it is going to help so much."

  • EVE

“This food is very welcome, thank you.  It makes staff and residents feel valued at this difficult time to know that individuals are thinking of us, are acting out of kindness, generosity and love and are reaching out to meet our needs in this crisis”


  • Oasis Children's Charity, Surrey

​”On behalf of the children and families we support, it is wonderful to see first hand the work of the foodshare charity in response to our Appeal for food. Raj and her team have sourced and provided much needed fresh provisions of fruit and veg, bread,milk and eggs to those most in need in our community. Their support have enabled us to feed over 65 families in the past week and we anticipate that these numbers will rise each week through this crisis. 

This incredible initiative has already touched the lives of many and it is a privilege to be a part of it” (Caroline Edwards, Founder)

  • St Peter’s Hospital, Surrey


  • St Thomas’ Hospital, London

  • Surrey Food Bank

  • Lambeth Hospital, London


  • West Middlesex Hospital, Middlesex 

"A commitment to weekly free fresh food to NHS staff on duty from Raj & family through coronavirus period. 

Much work has already been done and there is so much more that is happening!"

Work to date: About Us
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